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About Anchor Point

Anchor Point strives to provide Intellectual Property attorneys working in a wide range of environments with reliable and cost-effective solutions to their portfolio management needs.

Anchor Point understands that IP practitioners face numerous practical challenges in their day-to-day business operations such as staffing shortages, a lack of qualified support professionals, employee leave and vacation periods and changes in work volume.

Whether you are working as a solo practitioner, in-house or at a law firm, Anchor Point can help resolve these issues by providing a comprehensive range of IP related paralegal services at competitive prices.

With over 15 years of experience in portfolio management, IP prosecution and IP due diligence, Anchor Point is prepared to handle your most complex issues on-site or remotely.

Contact us today to put Anchor Point to work for you.

For general information, please contact: information@anchorpointip.com


Anchor Point provides paralegal and document preparation services to licensed attorneys. Anchor Point, its officers, its employees and its representatives are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice.



Anchor Point is a pending trademark of Agincourt Intellectual Property Services, LLC